Competitions and Prize Draw Sweepstakes

Promotional prize draws can be a simple as “Register Now to win an iPod” or they may become more intricate with added elements introduced so that the entrant must undergo a series of steps before becoming eligible for the promotion.

Either way there are a number of steps that must be taken into consideration when creating a Prize Draw (or Lottery sweepstakes) promotion.

The Winning Process team work with you to ensure that every step is covered, every “i” dotted and “T” crossed. 

We are specialists in the design, development, construction and management of promotional prize draw campaigns.

There are the legal permits that are required, Terms and Conditions to be written , prize to be acquired, promotional material to be created, produced and distributed and of course the lottery itself to be run.

The Winning Process’ purpose built software program is approved by all State government bodies.

The prize winner selection is totally automated, ensuring total accountability and auditability for your project.
This guarantees your promotion follows all the required guidelines imposed by the various State bodies.