Gift with Purchase Promotions

A great way to reward loyal customers or to increase sales activity is the gift with purchase or redemption campaign.

These , however, need the most careful handling to ensure all elements are taken in consideration and the promotion is well planned and executed.

The Winning Process has been responsible for redemption campaigns from football tickets through to 50inch plasma televisions.

The two main challenges of loyalty and redemption campaigns are establishing the most suitable incentives (in terms of both budget and consumer interest); and building a cost-effective fulfillment system.

It’s a complicated business to make sure the promotion goes smoothly and we have the experience to get it right for you. The Winning Process will enable you to view your promotion on line and track every entry, call centre conversation and prize delivery – instantly. Your campaign entrant receives progressive emails advising them of their entry’s progress.

With The Winning Process all the traditional headaches are removed!


To view a flow chart of the processes required for a successful campaign CLICK HERE