Frequently Asked Questions

It is a “real time” promotional tool whereby claimants and the promoters of a competition are able to view information as to the status and progress of their involvement in the promotion.

For the claimant, they are informed of the progress of their claim from its receipt to its despatch including its timing. This helps reduce claimants’ concerns such as “Was my claim received?” and, “When can I expect to receive it?” .

The promoter(s) can see immediately how well their campaign is running in terms of how many claims are being lodged and where those claims are coming from. Importantly, the promoter can see if there are any areas which may need improvement to satisfy their own objectives such as – “Are there unacceptable delays in despatching “verified” winners’ prizes?” or “Is this being well received by our customers?” or “Which retail groups are supporting the promotion best?”

Customer service personnel have immediate access to data which enables them to reliably respond to claimant questions and/or confirm the claimants’ details should the need arise.

They often say that “Knowledge is Understanding”, and the information system within The Winning Process reduces the dissatisfaction levels for the public and enhances the campaign’s impact for the promoter.

Naturally, everyone enters a promotion in order to take advantage of the “promotional offer” available and, sometimes, they may lose sight of the need to meet the Terms and Conditions of that promotion. It’s a part of human nature.

The Winning Process helps the claimant and the promoter be confident that (a) they, the claimants, are doing everything right to receive the offer the campaign promises and, (b) that only those who “play by the rules” do get the campaign reward(s) available.

The advantage of having a reliable and secure “third party” arbitrate over the verification of campaign registrations is that you have an independent party using objective criteria in a transparent and open way to operate the promotion.

Everyone would appreciate the need to ensure that each claim was legitimate. The promoter needs to be assured that their money is being used effectively and efficiently and, the verified claimant certain of receiving their share of the promotional rewards. 

The Winning Process works on a 7 – 10 working day processing time frame from receipt of a successful claim to the despatch of the cashback payment or gift.

Of course if a claim is invalid delays will be incurred while we work with the claimant to try to solve their issue in a favourable manner.

The Winning Process thoroughly works through the campaign logistics with the promoter, establishes systems and processes to match agreed KPIs, liaises extensively with their sales and marketing teams at the commencement of the promotion – with an impressive end result to the delight of all participants!

Planning, planning and more planning!
Data, data and more data!

It is most important when planning a cashback or loyalty campaign to ensure all information is collated and well thought through. The Winning Process team have the understanding and expertise to ensure that every step is planned to ensure your campaign is a success and your customers experience first rate service.

Not at all. It can be used as a fulfilment tool for product orders of all descriptions. By recording sales and customer details, The Winning Process can be a major component of the delivery process, or even, the whole process!! – it even provides “real time” stock reports and low stock re-order alerts!

It can also be used as a loyalty reward tool for customers, clients and sales consultants depending on what you want to achieve.  

It even has the capacity to raise, assign, record and report on issues and queries which may arise during the course of the promotion.