The Benefits of Cashback Marketing

When a company needs to maintain brand awareness, launch a new product or reward their customers for loyalty they turn toward the unique solution offered by cashback or promotional marketing.

That’s where the team at The Winning Process excel.


The key benefits of cashback marketing include:

  • Simple, cost-effective and results-oriented promotional activity
  • Strengthens brand awareness and encourages loyalty
  • Drive sales whilst maintaining original price and margin
  • Proven traffic builder that can be rolled out quickly
  • Effective means of shifting excess inventory, moving mature products or trialing new ones
  • Allows you to obtain valuable consumer and reseller data
  • Detailed analysis and leveraging of data collected provides opportunities for post-sale interactions and allows you to build closer relationships with your audience
  • Can be applied across multiple industries and products

The Winning Process provides:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Campaign planning, set-up and management​
  • Creation of legal Terms and Conditions
  • Design and build of promotional microsite
  • Data entry for physical claims
  • Claim review and validation based on your requirements
  • Issuing of cashback payments via EFT transfer, cheque, digital gift card or branded EFTPOS Gift card
  • Set up and distribution of branded email notifications
  • 24/7 client reporting system which allows you to measure campaign performance
  • 24/7 online tracking system which allows end users to track progress of claims
  • Client and customer support service via phone and email
  • Full post-campaign analysis conducted and provided to you along with recommendations for future promotional activities